Do not tolerate it! Let businesses know that they will be driven out of business if they pull any of these stunts.

•They do not accept cash at the point of sale;
Among these, count American Airlines. Let them go bankrupt again. They cannot claim they are helping the government cut down on money laundering. The government continues printing cash for a reason, and the price of a typical airline ticket is far below any reporting thresholds. International travelers have to display passports, which connect the cash to the spender.

•They charge more if you pay with cash;
Among these, count Cumberland Farms and Irving, and some other gasoline stations that promote debit card use with discounts. Poor darlings, they will have to count all that money and lock it in the drawer. How can life get any worse?

•They do not accept the money of the country they are in.
The webmaster encountered this at a duty-free store in Cape Verde, and at the Greyhound ticket counter in Tijuana.

•They do not answer the telephone unless you babble to the robot or navigate the menus.
If they must use a menu interface, it must default to a live person if you do not navigate the menus. Doctors’ offices should drop insurance companies that do not answer the telephone.

•They do not post their hours on a sign near the main entrance.
The potholes just assume that everybody who matters already knows.

•They want to wait on you while they are on the telephone.
“Can I help you?” They look at you while cradling the telephone against their ear. They should set the telephone down and focus on the customer. Give them sixty seconds to set the telephone down.

•Never buy from a telemarketer. Never respond to telephone surveys. If they get zero responses, they will go out of business and leave us alone. If you encourage them, they will call night shift workers who are trying to sleep in the daytime. They will call the unemployed single parent who is busy bathing the baby, but who hopes the call might be about a job offer. The parent runs with the dripping baby to find it's a telemarketer! They will call the sick patient who has been told to get some sleep but to leave the ringer on in case the test results mean checking in to hospital.
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